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Candle Holder Forge Weld

Rustic oak and hot worked iron makes for an impressive votive candle holder! 

The iron starts as one long piece. It’s heated and, using specialty punches I’ve made, is hot stamped to produce deep impressions on all four sides.  The iron is then reheated, worked square on the corners and forge welded together. 

Forge welding is the ancient blacksmithing practice of joining iron without the use of mechanical welders or filler materials. It involves heating the iron to a “sparkling heat” and skillfully hammering the two ends of the strap iron into one; resulting in a fusion of the material that in essence returns it to a single, continuous piece.  This handcrafted process gives the strap a seamless, fluid look and feel.  No unsightly welds here!

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Candle Holder Forge Weld
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